Web-Based Virtual Reality Environments


Teaching Methodologies

Web-Based Virtual Reality Environments course will address the history, concepts and technologies related to Virtual Reality (VR), focusing on the implementation of VR Environments on the Web.

It’s an 81-hour e-learning course that has a sequential structure organized in 4 thematic modules. Each module has its own timetable, suggesting that the student dedicate 1 hour of daily work to the course.

The course methodology is based on learners’ active learning, with teacher’s monitoring. The theoretical concepts about the first developments of VR, its applications, possible technologies, etc. will be presented. The relationship between Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality will be established through examples and using contents that allow understanding the basic concepts about Virtual Reality and about the creation of Virtual Reality environments for the Web. Learners’ professional context will be consider to the contents applying, whenever possible.

Learning approaches:

  • Teacher video lectures – for theoretical explanations and key concepts.
  • Practical use – learners will be guided to apply the technical and conceptual knowledge in a practical exercises about the creation of virtual reality environments for the web.

The teaching process is based on the systematic monitoring of learners' work, namely in the study of the contents, doubts clarification and in the accomplishment of learning activities.

In the distance-learning component, interactions will be established asynchronously, not requiring participants' simultaneous attendance in the platform.

The access to the platform is flexible, allowing learners to organize and adjust their working hours according to their availability to manage the proposed activities.

Various exercises will be proposed, allowing participants to use those concepts in the development of virtual environments, as well a project that will integrate their knowledge about creating Virtual Reality environments for the Web. All activities will have feedback from the teacher.

The course starts with a welcoming period, where there will be some formative activities to facilitate platform navigation and use, and also to test student’s HTML previous knowledge.

Início do curso
16 de novembro de 2021
Fim do curso
16 de fevereiro de 2022
Tipo de formação
Non-degree course
Modalidade de formação
Distance Learning
Área de interesse
Informatics, Virtual Enviroments
300,00 €