Web-Based Virtual Reality Environments

Jorge Cardoso (Coordenação)

Jorge C. S. Cardoso is Assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra (Department of Informatics Engineering), researcher at the Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC) and at the Research Centre in Science and Technology of the Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University (CITAR). He has a bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Computing Engineering (University of Porto), a master degree in Mobile Systems (University of Minho), and a PhD in Information Systems and Technology (University of Minho). His research interests are in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field, specifically in the design and evaluation of low-level interaction techniques, higher-level tools for the creation of interactive systems, and in developing non-desktop multimedia systems (Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mobile systems). He is also visiting academic at the University of Saint Joseph, Macau, China, where he teaches the Virtual Reality Environments module in the Master of Design program. He enjoys programming, and has developed various open-source libraries for the Processing language, as well as for A-Frame (https://github.com/jorgecardoso). His latest research interests lie in the use of VR and AR in the context of cultural heritage sites (https://www.mendeley.com/profiles/jorge-cardoso/publications/).

Pedro Martins

Pedro Martins, architect, professor and researcher, with an Architecture degree (pre-Bologna) by the Architecture Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. Developed a professional architectural work in several firms and, since 2007, in his own practice. Started doctoral studies in 2012, with a PhD scholarship from the FCT foundation, at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto (FAUP). Researcher at FAUP/CEAU/DFL (Digital Fabrication Laboratory) group, focusing on the integration of digital design and manufacturing technologies in architecture and concrete construction, with a focus on robotic fabrication technologies. Since 2017 has been an invited assistant professor at the Department of Architecture and the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra where he lectures several curricular units of the Masters in Architecture and the Masters in Design and Multimedia on the topics of digital design, digital fabrication and generative tools for architecture and design.

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21 de abril de 2021
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16 de julho de 2021
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Non-degree course
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Distance Learning
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Informatics, Virtual Enviroments
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