Web-Based Virtual Reality Environments



The course will focus on the use of web technologies for the implementation of virtual reality environments, using and giving special focus to the A-Frame development platform.

Notice of Opening



Target audience

All those interested in the course’s main subject who have completed secondary education.

The course may have particular interest to web designers and multimedia designers who intend to know and/or improve skills of virtual reality environments, e.g., for designing virtual art exhibitions or museums, interactive virtual reality experiences for marketing purposes.

The course may also have interest to instructional designers, who wish to know how to create interactive 3D immersive instructional materials for teachings.

Teachers that want to introduce virtual reality into their classes (e.g., in high schools), may also find this course relevant as the virtual reality framework that is used is appropriate for a first contact with the topic, requiring only a basic understanding of HTML.

Fatores de diferenciação

Differentiating characteristics of the course

This course differs from other courses in this area in that it provides practical VR implementation experience even for students with low programming experience. Other courses often either address high-level design concepts but do not provide specific implementation examples or focus on low-level computer graphics requiring a high programming background.

Início do curso
16 de novembro de 2021
Fim do curso
16 de fevereiro de 2022
Tipo de formação
Non-degree course
Modalidade de formação
Distance Learning
Área de interesse
Informatics, Virtual Enviroments
300,00 €