Specialization Course in the Sciences of Voice, Speech and Singing - ProVox


ProVox covers three scientific areas - Technologies of diagnose and assessment (20 ECTS), Therapy and rehabilitation (8 ECTS), Continuing education (12 ECTS) – with contents organised as follows:

Module 1. Anatomy and physiology of the voice

  1. Anatomy and physiology of phonation
  2. Theories of voice production
  3. Physiology of voice production
  4. Articulation and resonance
  5. Control of fundamental frequency and intensity
  6. Phonation types and impacts on vocal efficacy and efficiency
  7. Registers
  8. Voice disorders and associated symptoms
  9. Management of voice disorders
  10. Voice, age and gender
  11. Anxiety in the performance 12 Voice and emotions
  12. Preventing vocal fold injury

Module 2. Monitoring, Habilitating and Rehabilitating

  1. Sound: characteristics and analogue signal properties
  2. Acoustics of the voice
  3. The voice in ensemble
  4. Applied phonetics
  5. Perceptual evaluation
  6. Listening tests
  7. Technological resources for real-time feedback
  8. Techniques to habilitate the voice for verbal and artistic communication: breathing, vocal function exercises, resonant voice therapy, semi-occluded vocal tract gestures, flow phonation methods

Module 3. Technological Resources for Evaluation

  1. Recording procedures
  2. Respiratory analysis
  3. Methods for direct observation of the vocal folds movements
  4. Methods for indirect observation of vocal
  5. Signal theory: looking deeper into spectra and harmonics
  6. Aerodynamics of the voice: understanding important terminology
  7. Acoustic analyses 1: fundamental frequency
  8. Acoustic analyses 2: voice range profile
  9. Acoustic analyses 3: spectrographs
  10. Aerodynamic measurements of vocal fold function
  11. Voice synthesis

Início do curso
22 de outubro de 2018
Fim do curso
25 de junho de 2019
1040 hours
Tipo de formação
Non-degree lecturer (Specialization or Post-Graduate)
Modalidade de formação
Área de interesse
725 – Technologies of diagnose and therapeutics; 726 – Therapy and Rehabilitation; 146 – Teachers education in technological areas
2200,00 €