Specialization Course in the Sciences of Voice, Speech and Singing - ProVox


The working hours will be focussed on the student’s development of autonomy and critical thinking by means of understanding the contents of audio-visual materials, solving specific problems, practicing specific exercises, understanding written materials, interpreting case studies.

Three main teaching-learning approaches will be used, in order to facilitate the learning outcomes and skills above mentioned:

  1. Action research: students perform tasks, do exercises, solve problems, handle voice analysis software and use real-time visual feedback for assessing particular aspects of voice
  2. Lecturing: using audio-visual demonstrations and explanations of key concepts within the three scientific areas of the course
  3. Peer-learning: encouraging student’s participation in work groups and in forums specially designed for this purpose

Início do curso
22 de outubro de 2018
Fim do curso
25 de junho de 2019
1040 hours
Tipo de formação
Non-degree lecturer (Specialization or Post-Graduate)
Modalidade de formação
Área de interesse
725 – Technologies of diagnose and therapeutics; 726 – Therapy and Rehabilitation; 146 – Teachers education in technological areas
2200,00 €